What Is a Roof Tear-Off and How Is It Done?

If the roof in your home is very old, has leaks, or has been seriously damaged, it is probably time to have it replaced. While this may be a bigger project, your roof protects your home and your family, so it must always be in top condition.

A roof replacement can be done in a couple of ways, but the most efficient way is by conducting a complete roof tear-off. And this is what we usually recommend at The Roofing HQ, as well.

But what exactly is a roof tear-off and what does the process look like? Read on and learn everything you need to know.


What Does It Mean to Tear Off a Roof?

Before we get to the steps of tearing-off your old roof, let’s see what a roof tear-off actually is. 

A tear-off is when the roofing company completely removes your existing roof and then installs a brand-new roof. This differs from re-roofing, where a new layer of shingles is simply put over the existing one.

Now, let’s see how a roof tear-off is done.


Four Steps to Tearing Off a Roof

When tearing off your roof, the roofing contractor first protects your home, then tears off the old roof, and finally cleans away the materials from the old roof, creating space for the installation of a new roof.


1. Protecting Your Property

First, your roofing contractor will protect your property, which is very important when tearing off the roof to prevent any damages or debris falling into your yard and landscaping.

Your roofers will put protective tarps on the gutters and all the way towards the ground. The tarps will also cover the area surrounding your home. They may also park a trash container right next to your house. The contractor does this so that all the roofing debris and torn-off material falls onto these tarps or that they can throw it right into the container and not in your yard.

Once the roofers are sure that your home is protected, they can start to tear off the roof.


2. Tearing Off Your Old Roof

To tear off the old roof, your roofing contractor will use shingle rakes or simple pitchforks. They use these forks because they easily slide under the shingles and lift them up.

Starting at the point farthest from the trash container, roofers will begin to use the forks to tear off your roof. Part of the crew tears off the roof section by section and the other part makes sure that the torn materials go into the container or land on a protective tarp laid out in your yard.


3. Cleaning Up

After removing the shingles, there will be some debris, shingle granules, and nails from your decking lying around. Your roofer will make sure that the roof, the gutters, and the landscape around your house are fully cleaned up so that a new roof can be installed. They may use a magnetic broom to pick up any loose nails that might be lying around. 


4. Installing a New Roof

After tearing off the old roof and cleaning the deck and the roof, your new roof can be installed. Your roofer will now carefully install the roof of your choice, making sure everything is done at the highest levels of quality. 


Need a New Roof?

Now that you know what a roof tear off entails, you know what to expect and how to prepare for your own roof replacement. So, if you, too, need a new roof and want it done perfectly, don’t hesitate to call your best roof replacement contractors at The Roofing HQ! We will give you and your family great peace of mind.

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