How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

The biggest obstacle homeowners face when looking to replace or fix their roof is choosing the right roofing contractor for the job. After all, the roof is one of your most important investments and you want to leave it in the most capable hands.

So whether you need an emergency roof repair or a brand-new roof installation, it’s important to hire a trustworthy, experienced, and reliable roofing contractor. 

And to help you in that process, we bring you some crucial tips that will help you narrow down the list and choose the best roofing contractor for yourself. Read on!


1. Choose a Local Contractor

Choosing a local contractor has many advantages. It’s easier to contact a local company in case you need them during an ongoing project, if you require emergency services, have questions, or you’d like them to deal with any future needs and additional services. 

In addition to that, a local company will know all the local building code regulations and rules and it will have a standing reputation in the community, which means it won’t disappear on you suddenly.


2. Don’t Hire Only Based on Price

There is no doubt that you want to get the best deal for the service you need. However, price should never be the deciding factor. An unusually cheap offer is not always associated with reliability and quality, as in the long run, this type of roof may get damaged more easily. 

Choose a contractor based on the quality of their work, warranties, and guarantees they offer. You will save yourself many unnecessary costs in the future.


3. Check the Material Choices

Not all materials will suit all roofing systems and every homeowner’s needs, so it is important that your contractor presents you with a variety of materials to choose from and helps you opt for the best one. Together, you will choose the shingles and colors that will increase both the curb appeal and the value of your home, giving you long-term quality and value.


4. Ask for Referrals

First-hand referrals and recommendations are usually very helpful, so ask the roofer you’re considering about their previous clients that you could talk to before making a final decision. Ask these persons about their experiences with the contractor and if they would like to use their services again. Working with a contractor that others have recommended is generally a smart decision.


5. Check Online Reviews

Apart from first-hand recommendations, one of the best ways to assess the reliability and competence of a local roofing contractor is to check their online reviews. If you notice that someone has given the company a number of negative reviews and they have all been left unanswered, it’s best to stay away from them.


6. Check Insurance Coverage & Licenses

A reputable roofing company can show you their licenses and insurance on request. You will be much more relaxed knowing that you’re working with licensed professionals and that such a large investment like the roof and the work conducted are covered by insurance.


7. Get Everything in Writing

To protect yourself, make sure all aspects of the project are clear to you and put in writing. Any trustworthy and reliable contractor, like The Roofing HQ, will give you a detailed roof estimate and a quote, as well as answer all your questions and concerns with utmost professionalism.



Choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial if you want your roof to be durable, long-lasting, and of the highest quality. And with the tips mentioned above, you will undoubtedly find one that will keep your residential property in top-notch shape.

If you need a reliable roofing contractor in Buford GA or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give The Roofing HQ a call!

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