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If you are looking for the best restaurants in Gainesville Georgia, you might not know where to start. This can be a difficult task because all of the local restaurants specialize in one type of food or another. Some have Italian restaurants while others offer Filipino, Japanese, Mexican, European, and South American cuisine. While you might expect to find this many options when searching for a restaurant, the truth is that there are probably more than 100 restaurants in all of Gainesville Georgia! This makes it difficult to narrow your search down to just one restaurant.

Vegetarian Foods – There are several excellent restaurants in Gainesville that offer vegan or vegetarian fare. These include La Trattoria at MLK High School, The Cheesecake Factory at MLK High School, and the vegetarian-friendly Pies’ To Go around MLK College. There are also several Thai and Vietnamese dishes that are both good and delicious. You might also want to consider checking out Vietnamese pho in Gainesville since this particular restaurant offers a vegan version of the popular soup.

Italian Food – There are several great Italian restaurants in Gainesville, most notably the legendary Tony Mantauno’s. The restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free food choices and is very popular among college students. Another great Italian restaurant in Gainesville is Pizzelle’s, which is based out of the home of the famous Pizzelle, only this time in Gainesville. Many of the vegan selections of Pizzelle’s are made with organic ingredients, such as rice instead of pasta, chickpeas instead of wheat, and vegetables instead of meat. Other Italian dishes are also available such as seafood pasta and pizza.

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